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Hi, Miquel.

I would say that anything is because a single reason. Lately, I can see in all the conflicts or issues in the world a manichean symplification between US interests and Russian-Chinese interests, ignoring all the regional issues and other stuff. It also happens the same with your point, with the natural resources as a focus of all the problems.

It is right that there are main topics that determine the political issues, as the same way that the ways of production determine the way of thinking of pepople. Not all the spheres oh human reality have the same importance, but all have they own authonomy. Probably, the spheres related with the resources, the demography, tecnnology and production or weather conditions (what was intented to be studied for the "Annals school")

In function of the concrete issue a sphere will be predominant, but in almost all the human things there are a confluence of spherers not simmetric.

PD: Sorry for my english, I am not used to write or talk. I can talk the same language as you, but as your blog is English I asume that you want to direct it to these public mainly, so I do it in English.


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